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Jobpark - your partner in the restaurant industry.

For job seekers

Jobpark highlights your unique qualifications and ensures that employers in need of your skills and qualities can easily contact you directly. We make it easier than ever to take the step towards a rewarding career in the restaurant industry.
What employers value highly:

Experience: Your previous experience in customer service and sales puts you one step ahead.
Teamwork & fast pace: Your ability to collaborate and thrive under pressure.
Initiative & reliability: Your willingness to take responsibility and follow through on what you start.
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For employers

We offer access to a talent pool of motivated candidates with relevant experience and important personal qualities that are essential in the restaurant industry. Our candidates are accustomed to working at a fast pace, understand the value of teamwork, and demonstrate flexibility regarding working hours - a critical quality in busy times.

Jobpark assists you in finding the right individuals who meet today's needs and are committed to building long-term working relationships.

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