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Find career opportunities at home - and throughout Europe!

Find career opportunities at home - and throughout Europe!

Are you looking for new impulses and experiences?

With Jobpark you become part of a large network of job seekers and employers in your home town and across Europe. Sign up today and get headhunted!

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Tired of searching for a new job?

Being a job seeker can be incredibly time-consuming and exhausting. You have to constantly search for new job openings, customize your applications for each company, and find ways to stand out from the competition. All of this can feel like a full-time job in itself.

Looking for a better
(paid) job?

Regardless of whether you are an active job seeker or just looking around for new opportunities, this is the perfect solution for you. If you are, for example, just looking for an extra income or a job alongside your studies, you can create a profile with us and be contacted by an employer. Or perhaps you want new challenges, better pay conditions and more work experience?

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If you create a profile at Jobpark, you can sit back and wait to be contacted by a potential employer.

Get hired within these industries.



Cleaning services


Hotel & restaurant

Retail, sales, and customer service

Transport and logistics



Przetwórstwo rybne


Usługi sprzątania


Opieka medyczna

Health and care

Hotele i restauracje

Hotel and restaurant

Handel, sprzedaż i obsługa klienta

Retail, sales and service

Transport, logistyka i magazynowanie

Transport, logistics and storage

How does it work?

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Create a subscription with full access to our candidate database and recruitment platform.

Register needs

Register your needs to access the right candidates for you.

We keep you updated

We keep you continuously updated and notify you of new relevant candidates.

Contact candidates

Contact the candidates that best match you and recruit according to your needs.

Interview and hire

Interview and hire candidates at your convenience.


Register for a free profile.

Information and CV

Fill in information about yourself and upload your CV.

Specify what you are looking for

Specify the jobs you are seeking.

Be contacted

Be headhunted and contacted by potential employers.

Interview and employment

Interview with the employer and potential employment.


Check the answers to the most
frequently asked questions

How do I register a profile on Jobpark?

It is easy to register a profile at Remember to fill in as much information as possible and to verify your account.

What happens after I create a profile?

Remember that you must complete your profile to be attractive to employers. Once the profile has been completed and verified, you will be able to appear in searches for employers and recruitment personnel. These can in turn contact you via chat and e-mail.

How do I know if I am contacted?

You will be able to be contacted through our chat function, and you will receive a message about this by e-mail.

What does it cost to use Jobpark?

Jobpark is free to use for job seekers.

What happens if I get a job offer?

When you receive a job offer, this is directly from the employer. This is an agreement between you, Jobpark is not a party to that agreement. Jobpark also does not charge either the job seeker or the employer for an appointment.

Will I be employed by Jobpark?

No, Jobpark is a recruitment platform that mediates contact between employers and job seekers. We develop good solutions that make hiring faster, easier and more affordable.

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